News Relaunch

published on July 7, 2009 by Tim.

Steve has announced on 28 July 2008 that the work at the new version has gotten up to speed. Nearly 12 months later it is so far: The new version sees the light of day and has to show, with nearly 300,000 views a day, what it effectively can.

The design was consciously kept simple. The main interest is on the fast handling of the page. That's why there aren't any unnecessary functions which danger the user-friendliness and are hardly used anyway.

The biggest changes are concealed in the backend. The whole software has been new programmed. Next to the complex caching-algorithms which secures the fast supply of the picture there could be achieved a high scalability through the add-on at more than one server. A until now unique mirror-solution ensures the fast downloading of shortly strong frequented pictures. The more views a picture has a day, the more filesservers deliver it so that the burden is distributed optmially.

The next days will show whether everything functionates as it should. Of course, there could be some mistakes at one or another place despite lots of tests. We will abolish them of course as far as possible so that we can achieve a frictionless service.

Sice the last live sign there has happen a lot. The page has since August 2008 a new occupant: toFOUR GmbH from Schmalkalden. We specialized on High Traffic Projects and are glad we could expand our portfolio with We are sure that our page has a lot of potential and is able to establish at the big market with a little help.

We wish you a lot of fun at Of course, we will be glad if you recommend our service to your friends.

Best regards,
Steve, Markus and Tim
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