Happy New Year.....or something like that!

published on February 5, 2010 by Tim.

Okay, the new year is already some days old and everybody is used to consigning the new date everywhere where he/she is asked for the current date. Nevertheless I'd like to wish all of our users a Happy New Year 2010.

But what has happened since our last live sign? Again a lot, for sure, but basically in the background. We have bolted essentially at the software so that we can achieve a better performance and so speed in the distribution of the pictures. We have tackled again our servers and optimated our network. I don't want to bore anybody with technical details so I leave them out.

And why all that? We remember the beginning of October 2009: The team of has popped the corks because the page has documented a million picture deliveries in average a day. At that time the record was 1.6 million deliveries.

Since the new year the record figure at that moment has changes into the average figure and since the end of January we have achieved 2 millions deliveries a day. The new record is 3.2 million deliveries at 31. January 2010. The record value has doubled in no more than 4 months.

The long announced opportunity to register will be also online in closely future. Some beta-testers are busily employed with finding mistakes, improving the usability and puzzling out new functions.

So that we can boost a more actively application of we have let created us 2 small advertising materials. Who feels like it, has time and an advertising place can of course assemble our banner or our button:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a>

Best regards,
Tim, Markus and Steve

There were a lot of new things in October

published on October 28, 2009 by Markus.

October is over and the access figures of our image hoster continue scaling dizzy amounts. Our servers have provided at least a million image views a day since 10 October. The record is 1.6 million now, but our hardware is able to achieve more! We think that the development of it was profitable. The pictures are distributed in an amazing speed, whatever which time.

You have surely already recognized the short-link which is shown at the first place after the upload. We want to achieve with this simple notation that links to pictures of our platform can unambiguous be handed on friends on the phone for example. The use of this link lso qualifies in microblogs, social networks and for distribution in instant messengers, of course, which like sometimes to divide long URLs through blanks.

The introduced landing page acts as a promotion of the picture and then in addition to that as frame display of the gallery. The advertisment of this page is also necessary for the refunding of our service, of course, because we also have to think about that- in these dimensions in which we are meanwhile moving. We have also created some amzing features for our gallery. You will be astonished! The introduction of this is attended by the user individualization.

All pictures which have had at least 10 views since upload are saved at 2 imge servers since mid-October. The picutre is mirrored at another server briefly after the achievement of the minimum value. If one server fails, the distribution will be adopted by another server. That's simple!

Pictures which have more than 250 views in an intermittent which is 3 hours at the moment will be adopted at at aleast another server. The more views, the more servers. The exact number of servers is calculated through an internal scores. This one consists of the previous views and a server score which is calculated through the used hardware in a server and the pervious stored pictures of the server. That sounds really complicated, but it isn't.

The best is that the URL of your pictures won't change, whatever on how many servers it is stored. Our software absorbs the load-balancing at our webservers. We absolutely recommend you to use and to hand the link which we gave you after the upload ( So you can be sure that your pictures stay achievable in case of breakdown of our distribution server. The link you will referred to at the direct call (img1.picload.orgimage/...) is the server specific link which won't functionate if the server is offline.

Is has been permitted for some days to upload document of type .txt and .nfo. A conversation in PNG-dimensions happens live. Despite this, an automatic conversation has happened from bitmap documents into the narrow but lossless PNG-dimension since yesterday. Unfortunately, not so many people use paint for storing their pictures and they use the standard dimension bitmap. We can't reduce the upload time with this step but the download time of the bis picture for the viewers.

The largeness limit for documents has been raised at 10 MB. We want to pay tribute to raising pixel figures of modern cameras. The first more than 5 MB big pictures were uploaded briefly after the raising.

Busily recommend us your friends.

Best regards and happy Halloween,

Tim, Markus & Steve

Well-assembled in September

published on August 31, 2009 by Markus.

There is again a cheerful message around The current about 75,000 pictures have been distributed from 2 new servers since this night. These servers are powerful and have a 640 GB hard disc and 2 GB RAM. They are powered by 2x 2200 MHz Intel Core2Duo Processors.

These servers have the task to distribute fastly the stored pictures. The servers are connected with an own switch in the data centre which is only used by servers of toFOUR GmbH so that the best band is available in peak-times.

There has also happened something with our data base. The meanwhile curtly 1,000 MB big data base has lied for some hours at our very fast data base cluster. The software has already been adjusted to it. That's why another increased performance can be listed.

It's amazing. The tasks which one server has had to handle until now are now absorbed from 5 servers. That's why we can face a spontaneous growth with a clear conscience.

The next features of our servie are in conversion. They will be available in the next weeks. But we still don't want to betray what it is about.

Best regards from Thuringia,
Markus, Steve und Tim
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