Flops, bad luck and mishaps

published on June 17, 2010 by Markus.

Bad luck pursues us now. Murphy had destroyed our Master data base server on Monday and on Wednesday it was the Slave’s turn which has had to take on the complete data base history since the first breakdown. Honestly: We have had no idea until now why the servers were so angry that they completely refused their service.

The Master data base server broke down from one to another minute on Monday. Of course, we immediately reached for the receiver and let changed RAM, network interface cards and everything of the hardware which often breaks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really helped on. That’s why we firstly changed the whole data base operation over to the remained server to calmly work on the Master.

The hard discs were changed in the evening and the system was put on new. Actually, everything run again to our satisfaction around two o’clock. The word “actually” is really suitable. There have been several smaller blackouts which we interpreted as hiccups, until the server broke down again in the early Wednesday evening. It totally stuck this time and showed other error symptoms. But it fastly fell back into old patterns.

The second data base server met its maker around 10 p.m. to all abundance by imitating his brother. The same symptoms, the same problem.

Of course, it arose a certain inconsistency of the datas through this back and forth. We do apologize for this. Some images and some new users did unfortunately not manage it across to the new temporary server.

We had to lay hands on a new server- which has to do everything except managing data bases- to keep the homepage online because we slowly ran out of data base servers. It can happen that we will have to turn off the count of the hits and visitors on the images because this function can be very hard for the small server.

The image upload will remain closed until we will have the certainty from the computer centre that we won’t be able to pull newer datas out of both servers anymore to update the current data existence because it can be possible that otherwise more things will be able to be confused. We ask for apologizing this circumstance.

You can be up to date about the current state through Twitter and summaries here. We thank you very much for your patience and promise you that we will really do everything to solve the problems as fast as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Markus und Tim

Warning of copy with virus in Java Applet

published on June 11, 2010 by Markus.

There has been sent messages in various social networks the last few days. These messages contain a supposed link. A Java Applet is offered for installing at the page which is disguised as to be able to look at an alleged party photo in a higher definition. A virus is really hidden on the computer. The virus makes it possible to spy out the computer. A remote control of the computer through a hacker is also possible.

Important: Please do not in least install this Java Applet but immediately close the page which turned up! Report the message or the user who has sent you this message to the operator of the respective social network, so that your friends do perhaps not go in this trap.

Image links which really come from us exclusively start with our domain in the pattern Our servers fundamentally deliver images in original size. An additional software for the view at the images is never necessary.
We have really been covered with emails from insecured users who came to this page the last days. We have collected some of the questions which were mostly asked so that we don’t have to answer every question again and again and again.

1. Is my computer infected?
Your computer isn’t automatically infected- only then if you have installed this Java Applet- this page disguises as The virus will only install itself if you install this software. If you only open the page but not install the Applet, the virus won’t slip in your computer about the faked page. If you do open the page not at all, you won’t infect your computer with pests.

2. About what pests is it and what can they cause on my computer?
It deals with a virus, especially a Trojan. It offers hackers the opportunity to spy the datas on your computer out or to abuse the computer for further attacks as soon as it is installed. That’s why you should avoid entering passwords and confidential datas like bank or client datas, e.g. during the online banking.

3. What should I do if I become suspicious that my computer is infected?
You should update you anti virus software and completely scan your system in any case. But you also have to think about the fact that this step won’t give you the certainty that your computer isn’t infected.

4. I have installed the software but my anti virus software doesn’t find anything.
The pests change everytime. The producers of anti virus software need some time with every new variant until their software recognizes and eliminates the changed pests. Please don’t enter any passwords and confidential datas on any account and don’t conduct any banking transactions through online banking.

5. Do you have any other clever hints?
We advise you not to open any links in a message of which the sender is unfamiliar to you. Of course, there always can be some images from a party which don’t show you from a respectable side afterwards. Your friends normally serve you these images, not strangers who allegedly have recognized you at a blurred image.

Homepages which try to install a software have to be handled with the utmost caution. It’s better to delete messages with links to such pages and not to start the software. Use security software like Firewall and anti virus software to protect you from Trojan, virus and other harmful software. Always bring your anti virus software up to date, e.g. through an automatical update.

We hope that we could calm you down a bit and we would be glad if you tried our service for your next party photos.

Yours sincerely,
Markus und Tim

Unbelievable but true: The user panel is ready!

published on May 15, 2010 by Markus.

There are three months over again after the announcement but we finished all tests last week and we officially put online the long desired user area. There has also happened a lot around the statistical datas, of course everything in a positive way- as we like it.

But back to the user area. As you all know: We don’t do things by halves. That’s why it took so much time until you have caught sight of it. The big advantage of a user account lies in the folder functions in which you have the opportunity to organize your images. Of course, you can create as many subdir as you want.

In addition to that you have the opportunity to officially show the content of your folders as galery aspect. You only have to change the folder function “official” into “yes” and to send the link to the folder to your friends and relatives. If you are afraid that the images are not for unauthorized views you will be able to give your folder a password. Of course, you have to whisper your password to those people who should be able to look at your images.

Barrier freedom is no unknown word for us. It’s really difficult to implement it in an image hoster. Unfortunately, we haven’t had an idea yet to approximate the content of the images to blind visitors, appart from an audio comment directly during the upload. We don’t want to enjoin on our users which browser functions and plugins they have to have activated to be able to unlimitedly use You can even use our homepage with lynx, a purely text browser. If JavaScript is off or not available there will be an alternative for all AJAX or JaveScript functions which are required for the use of our homepage. Even the images can be watched as ASCII image.

Moreover, all the records of the beginning of February are already lapsed. Our servers have distributed fabulous 11,860,778 images on 9 May. The average in May lies in about 11 million distributions- these are 8 million more distributions than in February per day. The old record has proverbially been powdered in three months and 10 days. If I think about all these figures, my blood runs cold.

Our servers dispatch about 300 GB traffic to you every day. It takes, of course, a big cable which we pay well every month. There are still endless ressources and if it run short, we will fastly supply new fat servers. The software beautiful cooperates, too. There has been made some improvements here and there to disburden the data base cluster. I will spare you the details.

Our advertising means have been showed at unfamiliar pages about 10 million times since the beginning of February. Thank you very much indeed for your loyality which you show us with every new image that you upload at our servers. There were new increments of the homepage on our screen long ago. If you want to get rid of improvement proposals, criticism or only praise we will be glad if you send us a message through our contact blank.

Best regards,
Tim and Markus
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