Four years, three versions and one interface later

published on March 8, 2011 by Markus.

The domain was registered on 2007-02-18 at 14.11 and 20 seconds. A small noname image host with ony 400 images should be moved and continued under the domain which just was registered. What began four years ago has developped to a project with 600GB traffic in course of time. And we’re really proud of it!

If we think about the fact that we don’t advertise actively, we always marvel at the growth which experienced the project the last four years. Almost 500,000 images of our user are saved at our three image servers right now. More than 5,000 new images add to them every week. 17,704,737.57 image impressions are daily generated in average.

We still aren't at the top with 30 user registrations per month. But 776 user which have registered until now use in a very ambitious way. We can say that 109.73 images and 2,367,222.64 explicit image impressions come to every user at the moment. Fantastic job!

Of course, we started a small competition in time for birthday. Everyone has the opportunity to win a Canon Powershot SX130 IS until 2011-03-31. You only have to fill in the form or become a facebook fan to participate in the competition. The drawing will take place on 2011-04-01.

I'm glad to tell you that the interface which some user longed for occured in the final version. We set up a small website for all interested people here. Every user is able to activate his/her personal access to the interface under the menu item ‘edit interface’ in the user area. Then he/she can adapt the settings to his/her own needs. We prepared a PHP class for triggering the API at first. We will provide additional classes in the programming languages Ruby On Rails and Java the next weeks. Of course, we will look forward to the user’s help.

The connection with Twitter is still a long time coming. The reason is simple: Several functions which simplify the distribution of images came to our mind during the development. We are planning a recommendation per e-mail, ICQ and SMS next to a QR code. It was simple to develop the distribution of links per SMS and e-mail but it is way more difficult to create the connection with ICQ. We have to develop a complete ICQ client for it and we have to consider several important features so that doesn’t lock us as spam.

So, these are enough information now.

Good luck for the competition and much fun with experiencing the new interface wish

Tim and Markus

Let's ring the year 2011

published on January 3, 2011 by Tim.

It was foreseeable that the 2nd decade in the 2nd millennium would come sometime but it was very surprising that it so fastly approached. That's why we used the last 50 hours and 13 minutes to collect our thoughts to analyze the last statistics of the last year and to prepare for the new year. A review of 2010 which mostly consists of matter-of-fact numbers and a view in the crystal ball of the future should help us to be able to finally conclude with the past.

First of all we'd like to wish all of our visitors a nice and successful start in the year 2011. I hope, you had a good start into the new year. We relaxed some days and we'll start now with a lot of power and motivation in the new year.

I'm just looking with a lot of anticipation at our list with the innovations for the new year. First of all, the Social Media implementation- which was hard-working prepared the last weeks- is planned. Every user will have the opportunity to spread his/her uploads directly through Twitter till the end of January. A connection with e. g. facebook will follow.

Users asked us several times for an interface for activating our Backend. We also try to fulfill this request as fast as possible. To meet all these expectations we still need some considerations for pushing it into action. The API should be as flexible as possible in the end to be able to cover different operation purposes like Mobile App, web service and co..

We can look back on a successful year 2010 what we first and foremost owe to our loyal users, namely you.

Our software counted altogether 3,651,092,597 image calls from 257,422,236 different visitors the last year. That's an average of rather exactly 10,000,000 (in words: 10 million) hits and more than 700,000 visitors a day. We had our maximum of the year with 44,434,984 hits on 29 December.

34,457 images were uploaded from 672 visitors which have been registered since the start of the user area on 17 May 2010. Altogether 179,617 new images were uploaded in 2010. The user images generate altogether 769,700,623 single image calls. Only 24 out of 275,000 images had to be blocked because of infringements.

The whole time of failures only amounts to about 20 hours according to our monitoring. That corresponds to an availability of 99.77% in the average of the year. Ten defective network cards, two broken hard discs, five broken RAM modules and four other problems like a corrupt data base two times were to blame for the failures.

More than 1,200 working hours were invested in the project: about 700 hours for the development and about 200 hours for optimizations of the software and the rest of the time for the usual overhead.

I hope you can better understand now the extend of through these figures than before. You can find more facts and information on our “About us” page, amongst other things the technology is introduced there.

In conclusion it need only be said that we're looking forward to a lot of new images, plenty of new users, the lines which will glow with a lot of traffic and the screaming hard discs of the servers!

Furthermore a lot of fun on wish

Markus and Tim

Become fan and win one of four Apple iPod touch

published on December 7, 2010 by Markus.

The nights become colder, the year comes to an end and Christmas will be soon. We look back on a successful year 2010 what we first and foremost owe to our loyal users. That's why we'd like to thank you very much for your trust and your loyalty in a special way. One of four iPod touch will lie under your Christmas tree with a bit of luck.

We also slowly feel the Christmas atmosphere. That's why we thought something special up to sweeten you the party of love and above all the party of presents.


Every visitor on our page has the opportunity to win one of four Apple iPod touch. What do you have to do for it? Become fan on our page at facebook or - if you are no member of facebook - enter in to our list to be able to participate in our competition nevertheless.

The winnings will be raffled on two drawing days. Each two winners of an Apple iPod touch will be drawn on December 17th and 24th. You find the general participation conditions here.

We wish you the necessary luck and - very important in this cold pre-Christmas period - a lot of mulled wine.

Best regards from the snow-covered Thuringia,

your team
Tim and Markus
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