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Numbers, facts & data

We host about 9,399,000 images at present which cover 3.87 TB of the present available 7.00 TB memory capacity on our servers. Nearly 12,300 images are uploaded everyday, we come to almost 366,000 per month at the moment. There was scaled more than 52.83 billion (39.49 billion unique) Image-Impressions since 7th July 2009. There were handed over more than 26.6 million images to about 1,245,000 unique visitors yesterday. With a number of 699 most visitors were online at the same time on 2. September 2016.

From foundation over relaunch to the present

picload.org Version 1 picload.org has existed under this name since 18th February 2007. The project was managed through a web designer and a programmer in those days. The software was very simple and it wasn't equipped with any administrative and statistics functions.

picload.org muddled along as a small project which was managed privately since then. Nobody thought about applications. That's why picload.org only grew slowly. But that wasn't so bad in those days. The whole page ran till its relaunch on a very small and low-performance server which had to suffer from the number of images which slowly but constantly rose.

picload.org Version 2 In the middle of 2008, there was thought about a new software because the old one slowly became heavily with about 30,000 images till that time. The programming of the 2nd version was still stopped the same month. But the development of the 3rd version was some time in coming.

picload.org Version 3 The project was completely taken over from toFOUR GmbH at the end of August in 2008. The programming work started in spring 2009 and was finished with the beginning of July- one year after the announcement of the new version. picload.org version 3 went online on 7th July and it has enjoyed snowballing popularity since then.

As there are six years, at least visually nothing changes in the project, in early July 2015, a newly developed software with a responsive design has been introduced. In addition to a more user-friendly handling, the current design also offers a height compatibility with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Our Equipment and Infrastructure

We only use high-quality servers for picload.org which are equipped with the best brand hardware which is available on the market at present. We exclusively gave our special attention to quality during the search of a suitable computer centre, not to the price. We have chosen Erfurt's datacenter of KeyWeb AG. There we get solutions which are adjusted to us, assured reaction times during problems and a fast support.

Our picload.org server farm is currently equipped as follows


Simple, fast, uncomplicated

Our main intention during the development of picload.org was and is to offer our users a platform which is as simple, as fast and as uncomplicated as possible for storing media. That's why we bank on minimalistic optics and slim source code and we do without unnecessary optical and technical gadgets. That is above all of advantage to our power and our users haven't to expect long loading times for the format of the page on principle.

Always kind and fast support

There aren't any stupid questions! Are there any difficulties with our service? Are there any questions and you can't find an answer on our pages? Trouble with your girlfriend? We are open to all questions and try to reply them as fast and as well as possible. A message to us about our contact form is enough.

Barrier Freedom

We made it our business with picload.org to create a real barrier-free image host. We don't want to dictate our users which browser functions and PluIns they have to have activated to be able to use picload.org unrestrictedly.

That's why picload.org is completely free from flash and it doesn't otherwise use any functions which require the installation of an external browser PluIn. There is an alternative which will be able to be used if JavaScript isn't available or switched off. This alternative is for all AJAX or JavaScript functions respectively which are necessary for the use of the page.

picload.org is based on PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript and it has been tested in almost every common net browser with different configurations.

Anti Commercial

There are a lot of image hosting services in the net. We would like to differ from the multitude through one point: The wiring of advertisement on our pages.

The fade-ins of advertisement at picload.org should be confined to an absolute minimum and only serve as cost covering (server, traffic). We don't aim at making profit with picload.org in fact.

Advertising and press material

You would like to write an article about picload.org or you like our service and you only want to make advertisement for us? The graphics, logos and pdf data files with information about picload.org which can be used or downloaded respectively for editorial use are available here. Please provide us with a voucher copy if the photos are used for publication in print media or a brief note if used for electronic media.

Please consider that toFOUR GmbH exclusively has the right for the material. Do you have any questions or do you need further information or material? Then we'll be looking forward to your contact establishing!

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