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What is offers all users as a so called image hoster a free surface to exchange images world wide. You are able to upload image datas onto the server of for this purpose. You receive a link after a sucessful upload which you can share to other people.

Why should I use

Whenever you want to send an image to many recievers, but you doesn't should upload it again and again, can help. If you want to access your images from a variety of computers and don't want to carry around a USB stick, is a perfect way of doing so. If your bandwidth demands exceed what your regular web hoster is capable of delivering, you can swap out your images using's powerful global server network.

Is really free?

Yes! is a primary ad-financed service.

Images & folders view

I received a link and clicked on it, but I don't see a image. Help!

You can not see the image for different reasons. Eighter the user has deleted the image or our team has blocked the image, because it violated our terms of use. Another reason can be the image server is too busy or offline. In all cases you ought to see a replacement image.

Why is the view slow?

Depending on your connectivity to our server network, throughput may be limited and slower than what you expect.

Can I browse the image archive?

No. Our users' images are private and confidential in nature. It is therefore impossible to view images that you do not know the links for.

Images upload

How secure are the image links?

The image links comprises of two parts, the file identification (imageID) and the filename. The imageID is unique and is assigned by The filename is assigned by you before uploading. Valid characters are 0 to 9, A to Z, underscore (_), minus (-) and dot (.). Invalid characters are replaced automatically by an underscore. The imageID has currently seven digits. It offers 10^7 = 10 million possible character combinations. If a person wants to guess the download links, he has to find out both combinations.

Kann ich so viele Bilder hochladen, wie ich möchte?

Du kannst so viele Bilder hochladen, wie du möchtest. Eine Limitierung der Anzahl oder des Speicherplatzes gibt es nicht.

How often can my images be downloaded from

There is no limit!

How long does store my images?

If you are a registered user, your images will be stored forever. A image that was uploaded anonymously (that is not owned by any user) will be deleted no sooner than 30 days after the last time it was downloaded.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum filesize is 25 MB per image. If you should use the archive uploader, the total size of your images may no bigger than 250 MB.

Which files are allowed to be uploaded?

All files that do not violate our terms of use or the laws of concerned countries. This means that files violating copyrights are forbidden and will be removed as soon as we notice. If you see such files on, we would be glad if you notified us: Simply file an abuse report on our form.

Can I upload more than one image at a time?

Sure! You can either open multiple upload windows or use the archive uploader. If you should use the archive uploader, you may wish to register for your personal user account.

Where do I see the link of my uploaded image?

You will see it in the center of the page once your upload is completed. If you selected multiple files for uploading, you will receive multiple download links. If you upload files frequently, you may wish to register for your personal user account. It's free, and it allows you to comfortably manage your images in your user control panel.

Can I delete my uploaded files?

Sure you can! You will get automatically some links: one is your private delete link. If you have a freeuser account, you will be able to view and delete your files from within your personal user control panel.